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Equity Crowdfunding (ECF)

Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) is a new form of fundraising that allows a start-up or other smaller enterprises to obtain capital through small equity investments using online portals to publicize and facilitate such offers to crowd investors.

For Entrepreneurs

The ECF, therefore, is a framework that enables start-ups and SMEs to access market-based financing through a platform registered with the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC).

For investors

The ECF will enable investors to be a shareholder of such start-ups and SMEs and diversify their investments beyond the traditional asset classes.

WHY MyStartr?

Easy to operate

The investment process is simple without complicated procedures, You just need to choose the investment package and make the payment.


The minimum investment amount could be RM1,000, with no additional processing fee; you can get the corresponding equity.

High Reward

As the company grows, the value of your invested equity grows too. If the company comes to the stage of IPO or mergers/acquisitions, the equity value can be doubled or even multiplied.

MyStartr Community

We regularly organize useful activities to provide informative ECF knowledge for our investors and assist them to make investment decisions.

Discover new
investments delivered
straight to your inbox.


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We choose ECF instead of borrowing loan from the bank is because we do not only want to have development fund, but also wish to connect to people as well as turning our customers into shareholders in order to have stronger bonding. All these, the traditional financing methods could not give us.

Mr Bonn Lam
Care Latex Founder

Through ECF, Komic can meet and recruit like-minded people, so that we can go further!

Mr Teh Chun Kai
Komic Founder

Compared to traditional financing method, like getting a loan from the bank, ECF is an easier and faster way for us as We are in a phase of rapid growth!

Mr Clement Lin
Meet Mee Founder

ECF actually allows us to have a group of loyal fans and make them the best spokespeople for our services/ products.

Mr Mak WH


I want to raise capital for my company!