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Meet Mee - 打造全马 No. 1 方便板面 | Building Malaysia's No.1 Pan Mee
Taste Malaysia's Authentic Flavors, Anywhere in the World 让大马美食文化走向全球舞台
Kejap Food - First Malaysian Local Food Drive-Thru | 大马首创国民美食得来速
Kejap Food is a concept that aims to provide customers with quick and convenient access to traditional Malaysian and Southeast Asian cuisine through a drive-thru service model. This innovative approach combines the convenience of fast food with the rich flavors and variety of local Malaysian dishes, offering a unique dining experience for busy individuals and families.
Wiltek - Become The First Impression Brand in Sanitary Industry | 立志成为 卫浴用品领域的品牌首选
Wiltek Homeware is specializing in the design and distribution of high-quality homeware products. We focuses on creating innovative, functional, and aesthetically pleasing kitchenware, tableware, and home accessories catering to both local and international markets. With a strong commitment to sustainable practices and customer satisfaction, Wiltek Homeware continues to invest in cutting-edge technology and skilled workforce to maintain a competitive edge in the industry.
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Ezon - Save Lives, Save World | 守护生命健康,创造安全世界
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GoodMorning - To Be A World Leading Food-tech and Multigrain Company | 成为世界领先的食品科技与综合谷粮公司
GoodMorning’s vision is to be a world leading food-tech and multigrain company by delivering wellness to consumers and maximizing values for shareholders. GoodMorning’s mission is to unlock the values of multigrain and provide consumers with the most nutritious, tasty, healthy, and safety choices in the beverage category. 晨旭之美集团的愿景是成为世界领先食品科技及综合谷粮企业,为消费者带来无限健康,为股东创造最大价值。晨旭之美集团的使命是解锁综合谷粮的价值及食品科技的潜能带给每位消费者最有营养价值,美味可口,健康,以及安全的食品与饮品选择。
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Entomal Biotech - Waste to Wealth with Insects in 7 days
Building the first mobile waste recycling solution with Insects in Malaysia.
NCTech – Easing F&B business with technology | 呼唤自动化科技 餐饮简易化升级
Creating wireless solutions to reduce manpower dependency and effectively optimizing resources for the client’s organisation.
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Advisirs - Go Digital with Advisirs Plus Truly Advisors | 一键搞定,成为你最有温度的会计伙伴
Go Digital with Advisirs Plus Truly Advisors | 一键搞定,成为你最有温度的会计伙伴
DagangHalal - A Global Halal Compliance Standard Ecosystem in the Making 打造全球清真合规标准的生态系统
One of the World's leading Halal online marketplace with global distribution networks.