How it works

Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) is a new form of fundraising that allows a start-up or other smaller enterprises to obtain capital through small equity investments using online portals to publicize and facilitate such offers to crowd investors.

The ECF, therefore, is a framework that enables start-ups and SMEs to access market-based financing through a platform registered with the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC).

For investors, the ECF will enable investors to be a shareholder of such start-ups and SMEs and diversify their investments beyond the traditional asset classes.

Reasons to invest

Easy to operate

The investment process is simple without complicated procedures, You just need to choose the investment package and make the payment.


The minimum investment amount could be RM1,000, with no additional processing fee; you can get the corresponding equity.

Become the shareholder of your favourite company

You are not only a consumer of the related product or service but also a shareholder who can enjoy the common interests of the company.


Managing your risk by mixing a wide variety of investments.

High reward

As the company grows, the value of your invested equity grows too. If the company comes to the stage of IPO or mergers/acquisitions, the equity value can be doubled or even multiplied.

*Disclaimer: High reward is associated with high risk. If the company fails, the invested amount will not be reimbursed.
Why Mystartr?

Dream Factory Investor Club (DFIC) is ready for you -- a community that is specially for MyStartr investors. We regularly organize useful activities to provide informative ECF knowledge for our investors and assist them to make investment decisions.

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We are actively listening and focusing on the customers.

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