How To Pledge

You need to be a member to support a project, click on "Sign up" button to register as a member if you are new to, or click on "Login" button if you are already a member.

1. Login to the page

  1. visit
  2. Enter your Email & Password
  3. Click on "Login" button

Crowd Funding Malaysia

Malaysia Crowd Funding

2. Browse and discover projects

  1. Click on the project that you are interested or search by keywords at the top right corner of header


Crowd Funding Malaysia

3. Support the project

  1. Click on the “PLEDGE NOW” button on the right hand side of the project page
  2. Select your reward
  3. Click on “Pledge” button at the bottom


Pledge a project



4) Select a Payment Type

  1. Select a payment type
  2. Click on “Pledge” button

Crowd Funding - Pledge a project


5) Make payment

  1. You will be redirected to the page below
  2. Confirm you details especially the support amount
  3. Click on “Proceed” button

Crowd Funding Malaysia


There are many payment types for you to support the project, and each payment page has different content and layout, just follow the page instruction to make the payment.
The example below is a payment via Maybank2u bank transfer.

6) Bank Transfer

  1. Enter your maybank2u username
  2. Click on “Next” button
  3. Enter your maybank2u password after the next textbox appear
  4. Click on “Login” button
  5. Click on “Request a TAC number” link in the new screen
  6. Enter your TAC number (receive via your mobile phone)
  7. Click on “Confirm” button


Crowd Funding Malaysia

Crowd Funding Malaysia

7) Reward delivery details

This is to ensure the project owner able to deliver the reward to your address.

  1. Once you have successfully made a support, enter your rewards delivery details.
  2. Click on “Save” button


8) Success

You will receive 2 emails for your support on the project.

One from iPay88 Sales to confirm your payment successfully transferred, one from myStartr to confirm your support success.

Thank your for your support and please come again.


Crowd Funding

How to pay by MOLPay CASH – 7-Eleven

  1. Click on “Pledge” button to start making payment via MOLPay CASH.
  2. Click on “7-Eleven” logo button to pay cash at 7-Eleven via MOLPay system at 7-Eleven stores.
  3. Fill up the Contact Number. Tick on the tick box after you read the Terms of Services & Privacy Policy. Press on “Proceed” if you ready to confirm the transaction.

    Please note that there is a convenience fee of MYR1.00 applied on payment pay via 7-Eleven store.
  4. Click on “PRINT” to print out this payment reference or screenshot the transaction ID & verification code.
  5. Click on “Back to Online Store” and receive message below.

    At the meantime, check your email “Cash Payment (7-Eleven) order receipt”.
  6. Go to nearest 7-Eleven outlets, tell the cashier you want to pay with MOLPay CASH, provide your transaction ID & verification code to the staff to make payment. 7-11 staff will issue a receipt upon payment.

    Please note that you have 48 hours to make payment, otherwise void.