I Need Money

MyStartr is a funding platform for dreamers to bring their creative projects into reality. The guidelines below articulate our mission and focus. Please note that any project that violates these guidelines will be declined or removed. Kindly contact us if you have any questions.

Projects. Projects. AND ALL Projects. MyStartr is all about the funding on a broad spectrum of creative projects. We’re a home for everything from films, games, and music to art, design and technology. And these projects should have a clearly defined goals and expectations.


Projects with a creative purpose.  Currently, MyStartr supports creative projects such as Art, Comics, Dance, Design, Fashion, Food, Games, Music, Photography, Publishing, Technology and Theatre.

No "fund my life" projects. MyStartr disapproves “fund my life” projects. Examples include projects to pay tuition or bills, go on vacation, or buy a new camera.

Rewards, not financial incentives. The MyStartr economy is based on the offering of rewards. Typically, these rewards are one-of-a-kind experiences, limited editions, or copies of the creative work being produced by a particular project. In other words, it is something or a chance for the creator of the project to share a piece of their project with their backer community. MyStartr disapproves reward offering such as financial incentives, such as ownership, financial returns (for example, a share of profits), or repayment (loans) is prohibited.