Days to Go
by Raymond Liew
Me, James and Wit Chin was planning for a dance project together 4years ago, unfortunately I had a terrible accident . The project had to be cancelled. After years, finally I took the initiation to bring back two of them and a new team to create a new dance production, - Tongue. The motivation of the project is to 'continue' an unfinished dream of three Malaysian dancers. Team Choreographer: Raymond Liew Jin Pin Co-Choreographer/Dramaturg : Jascha Viehstädt (Germany) Dancer: James Kan Che Wai, Lu Wit-Chin and Raymond Liew Composer: Ng Chor Guan Stage: Ma Hui Shan Lighting: Tan Eng Heng A trilogy concept of endless motion : < Continue I > : Tongue Taste of words. I hold the silent in our conversation. Abandon of one thing, either it could be spoken or not, it exists - a mindset. I keep your secrets and I feed them with lies. Critical and persuasive. Romantic, conflicting with words. I lick the dust away and dry out those letters in order to see the desperation. Venue DPAC Black Box (Damansara Performing Art Centre) Date & time
 : 09.02.2018, 8:30pm 10.02.2018, 3:00pm 10.02.2018, 8:30pm
 11.02.2018, 3:00pm Ticket RM68 (Adult) , RM58 (Student)
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Coming Soon
Days to Start
by Alison Khor
廢置的空間裡,看不見的社會底層故事緩緩地喘息著。 Hidden and invisible stories of the other sides, slowly breathing in the abandoned space.
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